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The Surgery Center General Application 

The Surgery Center Clinical Application 

Current Available Positions:
Pre-Admission Nurse – Full Time
  • Organizes and maintains the medical record of pending surgical patients;
  • Telephones and/or answers incoming calls of scheduled patients to gather his/her medical history, gives instructions regarding the medications they are currently taking and gives detailed information regarding their arrival for surgery;
  • Evaluates patients for pre-anesthesia laboratory test and/or chest x-rays, and schedules testing with appropriate facilities;
  • Prepares medical records in orderly manner;
  • Records surgical procedure taken from physician order onto the surgical consent form, files all laboratory results onto chart;
  • Notes allergies on the chart, prepares armband to notify other personnel of latex allergy, diabetes patient, or hypoglycemic patient;
  • Confers with Anesthesiologist and/or Director of Nursing and/or Clinical Compliance Coordinator regarding any unusual medical problem;
  • Notifies staff of any special needs of patient;
  • Prepares charts for the day of surgery insuring that physician orders, history and physical of patient, laboratory results, and any other pertinent information is on the chart;
  • Confirms surgical site and time of surgery on patient chart with the surgery schedule;
  • Must have experience with multi-disease processes and medications to treat such diseases/illnesses.