The Day of Your Surgery

So we can better meet your needs, please follow these guidelines the day of your procedure:

  • Please arrive promptly for your scheduled surgery.  Late arrival may result in having to change your scheduled surgery date or time.
  • Bathe or shower prior to your surgery.  If your doctor gave you an antibacterial soap to use, bathe or shower both the night before and again the morning of your surgery, following the directions on the soap packet.  Wash your hair with your usual shampoo.  Do not shave the area of your body where your surgery will be performed.  Remove all eye makeup and nail polish, if near your surgery site.  Do not use lotions or oils after bathing.  Depending on the type of surgery, you may be asked not to wear makeup.
  • You should brush your teeth but remember not to swallow anything.
  • Based on your procedure, it may be necessary for undergarments to be removed prior to your procedure.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing, such as sweat suits and easy to button shirts or blouses that can be easily placed over your surgical site.  Wear comfortable shoes.
  • If you are required to wear a gown for your procedure we will provide a garment bag for your clothing.
  • Leave all valuables including jewelry or cash at home.  We cannot be responsible for damaged or lost belongings.  Do no leave any valuables in your car.
  • Bring all insurance cards and your driver’s license or picture I.D. to the facility the day of surgery.  Refer to the section on insurance and billing in this publication.  You may be required to complete additional paperwork on the day of surgery.
  • Be prepared to sign a form giving your consent for the operation.  If the patient is 18 years or under, a parent or legal guardian must accompany that patient and sign the consent form.
  • During your surgery and recovery, your family will be asked to wait in the waiting area.  Due to confidentiality and limited space, visitors are not permitted in the immediate recovery area.  They will be able to join you once you are transported to a private discharge room.
  • Only two visitors are allowed with the patient before and after surgery.
  • We require that at least one family member/visitor remain in the building at all times.
  • We reserve the right to limit and/or restrict visitors based on governmental health orders.
  • For the comfort of your family members/visitors, a light sweater or jacket is recommended.
  • It is your responsibility to arrange in advance for a responsible adult to drive you home and remain with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.  You will not be allowed to drive yourself home.
  • Please note that a work excuse will only be given to one visitor per patient with the exception of minors.