The Surgery Center’s facility is most commonly used for the following surgical and procedure specializations:

  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (Tubes, Tonsils, Adenoids, etc.)
  • Gastroenterology (Colonscopy, EGD, etc.)
  • General Surgery (Hernias, Gall Bladders, etc.)
  • Gynecology (D&C, Tubal Ligation, etc.)
  • Hand Surgery (Carpal Tunnel, Trigger Finger, etc.)
  • Ophthalmology (Cataracts, Retinal Surgery, etc.)
  • Oral Surgery (Tooth Extraction, etc.)
  • Orthopedics (Knee and Shoulders Arthroscopies, etc.)
  • Pain Management (Lumbar and Cervical Epidurals, etc.)
  • Podiatry (Bunions, etc.)
  • Robotic Assisted Knee and Hip Joint Replacements
  • Urology (Bladder, Prostate, etc.)