Kids are Special

At The Surgery Center we meet the special needs of children by creating a relaxed, comfortable environment.

  • We encourage parents to discuss the surgery with their child beforehand to help alleviate unnecessary stress.  Parents are able to stay with their child in the pre-operative area until the child is taken to the operating room.
  • We encourage children to bring comfort items such as a favorite toy, blanket or cup.  Please bring a bottle and formula for your infant.  Juice and popsicles are provided for older children.
  • For the safety of the child, he/she will receive one-on-one nursing care until fully awake and transported to a private discharge room.  You will be able to rejoin your child in the private discharge room.
  • Your child will need your full attention following surgery; therefore, we ask that you do not bring other children with you.
  • Only two visitors at a time are allowed with the child before and after surgery.  We reserve the right to limit to one parent/guardian in the event of governmental health orders.
  • Please follow all directions for medications prescribed by your physician.
  • For the comfort of your child during cooler temperatures, please bring a jacket and / or blanket for the ride home.
  • On the drive home, we recommend that one adult drives while another cares for the child.